A practical solution for impractical times.

We’re experiencing a significant change, and as we rethink how to operate our businesses, it’s important that we’re all still able to thrive. We’re here with a solution to help carry your business through these unusual times.

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A packaging solution to carry you through uncertain times.

Our ‘Home Delivery Carton’ is the easy way to get your products to your customer.

Easy to buy, easy to build, easy to fill — using a style that’s been proven in the produce industry for decades. There is no solution more practical.


Holds up to 10kg

£0.97 per tray

600 x 400 x 180mm

in multiples of 200

100% Recyclable

easily stacked

Designed for your business. Loved by your customers.


Your business is our #1 priority.

As we adjust to a new way of living and working, we want to help remove the barriers that stand between you and your customers.

Industry-proven design. Supported by decades of experience.

A strong grade of double wall corrugated and die cut so no sharp edges. Materials used are suitable for the most challenging of supply chains.

So whether you’re a large brewery, grocery supplier, or a small independent baker — the Home Delivery Carton is made for you. Businesses, let’s assemble!