eCommerce Flower Box

Supporting local flower producers and florists in selling their products online

A practical solution for impractical times.

We’re experiencing a significant change, and as we rethink how to operate our businesses, it’s important that we’re all still able to thrive. We’re here with a solution to help carry your business through these unusual times.

Launching our new eCommerce Flower Box for small businesses to utilise as they transition online;

Keep your business moving with an online sales channel

Available from stock – next day delivery

Minimum order Quantity is 30 Flower Boxes (inclusive of separate fitment)

Constructed from strong cardboard material

 Quick and simple to assemble

 Easy to recycle

 Striking design and graphics


Internal Dimensions: 190 x 190 x 548mm

Easy to assemble

Brand generic artwork visuals

30 units per Outer Box, 12 Outer Boxes per pallet

• 360 units per pallet

• 100% paper based solution


Supporting a new business model for local Flower producers and sellers


Immediately available

Easy to order

100% Recyclable & Biodegradable

Your business is our #1 priority.

As small businesses rapidly try to adjust in order to stay alive, we are supporting various sectors in making this change, including the Flowers sector

Our tailored and eCommerce-ready Flowers Box is sized perfectly to handle and transport safely, regular-sized bunches

of flowers.